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Anniversary Flowers and Gifts to Celebrate Special Wedding Anniversaries

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Post Anniversary Flowers and GiftsAnniversary flowers are a great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. However, most people do not know the significance of certain flowers for specific anniversaries. Therefore, they tend to send roses or carnations or a generic bouquet, as these are quite popular.

The following article shall outline the different flowers for anniversary as well as other symbols for milestone wedding anniversaries. This will help make that special occasion even more meaningful!


Guide to Anniversary Flowers & Gifts


1st Anniversary: Carnations & Paper

The first anniversary is a big deal and should be celebrated accordingly. Carnations are the traditional flowers for anniversary, as they symbolize young, passionate love. Paper is also symbolic to the 1st anniversary, so a bouquet of carnations and a hand-written card are a perfect way to start a romantic date night. Or, you could make a DIY bouquet of homemade paper carnations to show her how much you care!

3rd Anniversary: Sunflowers & Leather

Although you may not envision these two things together, they are indeed the symbol to mark three years of marriage. Sunflowers represent the solid foundation on which a marriage is built. A floral arrangement of sunflowers with thin leather ribbons in a country chic vase would be a sweet way to remember this special day.

5th Anniversary: Wood & Daisies

Daisies represent fidelity and are the traditional anniversary flowers to mark your fifth year as a married couple. Wood is another traditional symbol. A pretty spring bouquet of daisies and a wooden box with a trinket are a perfect gift for this year.

10th Anniversary: Tin & Daffodils

The ten years anniversary is indeed the reason to celebrate. Daffodils are a celebration of happiness. Tin is the non-floral traditional symbol of this year. A simple but elegant idea for an anniversary bouquet would be to recycle a tin can to use it as the base for a stunning bouquet of daffodils.

15th Anniversary: Roses & Crystal

Roses symbolize romance and passion, so they are the traditional anniversary flowers for the 15th year of wedded bliss. Crystal also represents the 15th year. A gorgeous bouquet of red roses in an elegant crystal vase would make an ideal gift for this momentous anniversary.

25th Anniversary: Silver & Irises

Your 25th Wedding Anniversary is a memorable occasion, as it is officially the Silver Jubilee. Thus, silver is a traditional gift, along with irises, which represent elegance and sophistication. A long stemmed bouquet of irises in an elegant silver vase is symbolic and meaningful for this very special day.

30th Anniversary: Pearls & Lilies

Lilies represent devotion, and thirty years together certainly speak of devotion to one another! A breathtaking bouquet of lilies and a strand of pearls are something she will treasure forever!

40th Anniversary: Rubies & Gladiola

Gladiolus symbolizes infatuation. And, rubies are the traditional gemstone to commemorate the 40th wedding anniversary. Show her that you are still as infatuated with her now as you were the day you married her with a simple yet stunning bouquet of gladiola and a dainty pair of ruby earrings.

50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses & Gold

This is the big one! If you are blessed enough to make it to 50 years as a happily married couple, you would celebrate your Golden Jubilee with yellow roses and gold. Get her a gorgeous bouquet of yellow roses and violets to mark this very special anniversary, along with a golden trinket to show how much you love her.

At Lavender & Lilacs Florist, we can help you choose the perfect anniversary flowers to celebrate your special day with the love of your life. We have a wide array of gorgeous flowers, decorations, and vases to make the perfect gift for any occasion!

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