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Rules for Composition of Floral Arrangements

Each creation of the florist's hands is unique and unrepeatable. At the same time, there are generally accepted rules for composing floral arrangements that help not to make mistakes and make something great.

Rule one: Full compliance of all components

Perhaps this is the main principle: each element in the arrangement, be it the flowers themselves, the container and the decorative elements, must match each other. That is why it is better to think about the design of the future composition in advance. This also applies to the color scheme of the bouquet.

Rule two: Keep proportions

Proportions apply to every little thing - the size of leaves and buds, the height of flowers and capacity, etc. Professionals are guided by the “golden section” rule, according to which the height of the bouquet should be conditionally divided into 8 parts, where 5/8 of the height should fall on the part protruding above the container, the remaining 3/8 is the height of the container itself. For horizontal compositions, the diagonal falls under the conditional division.

Flower arrangement ideas Rule three: Create a focal point.

Any flower arrangement should have a central part - a focal point around which the whole essence of the bouquet is kept. This role is most often played by the largest bud or a group of small buds.

Floral Arrangement Ideas

There are a lot of ideas for floral arrangements. One of the most popular is the placement of plants in container vases made of glass, metal, wood, and ceramics. Buds placed in large cups look colorful. Delicate flowers in wicker baskets look elegant.

Arranged in the form of a wreath - a great decorative touch for any holiday. As a gift to loved ones, compositions are often ordered, where the sequence of buds forms a magnificent heart.