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Colors Depend on The Interior

When choosing flowers for a wedding head table, you need to consider several factors: shape, size of the table; the color of the tablecloth; a variety of color compositions; general decoration of the banquet hall; the quality of the selected colors; tastes of the newlyweds.
The color and shape of the bride's bouquet, which will stand next to the newlyweds, must be taken into account. If the bouquet is decorated with colored ribbons, lace tulle, or another decor, it is also worth decorating the flowers on the table. It would be best to choose bouquets with a pronounced aroma because combining a floral scent with food is not always pleasant. All plants must be fresh so that they do not fall on the plates with food.

An important component of decorating a wedding head table is the choice of colors. There are no strict prohibitions or rules on this. When choosing a wedding color, the main guide should be the taste of the young couple, the season, the bridal bouquet, or the main color palette of the banquet hall. The main thing is that the heroes of the occasion like the chosen color. With any choice, you should not stray too far from the color scheme of the interior in which the holiday will be held.
If, nevertheless, it was not possible to choose one priority shade - it's not scary. You can use more than one base color, but several. One should remember only about a sense of proportion - everything should be tasteful. Particular attention should be drawn to the bride and groom table, and it is advisable to arrange low flowers so that they do not cover the newlyweds' faces. Wedding arrangements usually consist of several types of flowers or greenery, in harmony with each other.

Our creative team always very much shows consideration for this stage because for us it is important to realize your ideas and to help you to choose the concept of a holiday suitable for you, we always above all consider the desires of the groom and the bride. At this stage, we with you choose the scale and a subject of registration, and also the main objects of registration.
Weddings symbolizes the eternal love between two people after a mutual decision to share a lifetime together and celebrate that milestone amongst family members. Of course, you’ll want your wedding guests to be wowed by your choice of color, theme and wedding decorations. Our purpose, priority and dedication are to make your wedding decorations, exactly what you want and better than you imagined them to be! We will work hard to transform your venue into a paradise that honours your style, imagination and budget. We provide free consultations.