Vancouver Florist - Floral Hat-Boxes

Floral hat-boxes - original and character!

Designer bouquets are undoubtedly unique. Each petal of a hat-boxes floral arrangement conveys its own emotion, utters a unique compliment, talks about feelings, and speaks of sincere love for the one for whom the bouquet is intended. A great way to show a person how much he cares.
Present to your loved ones and those who are dear to you this beautiful, originally decorated bouquet. Flower hat-boxes will help to solve this problem. Bouquets in hat boxes acquire a complicated meaning. For example, roses that speak eloquently about love each separately begin to scream loudly about this feeling as part of a lush bouquet. And tulips in a hat box, multifaceted in themselves, turn into a true recognition without further ado ...

Hat-boxes' floral arrangement is presented in the form of a square, cylinder, heart, box, tube, trapezoid, or hexagon. Roses, tulips, and freesia hydrangeas are placed in a cardboard package, pre-wrapped in film, and placed in a floristic wet sponge. Such an oasis prolongs the life of flowers, and the box itself is saved for future use.

In our catalog, pick flowers in hat boxes for congratulations on:

  • anniversary or birthday;
  • wedding or engagement;
  • Christmas or Easter holidays;
  • professional day;
  • corporate parties;
  • successfully completed transactions and signed contracts;
  • new baby at home;
  • long-awaited meeting;
  • housewarming.

All flowers are suitable

In each ensemble, we keep the mood of the holiday and the spirit of fun. Dahlias, roses, hydrangeas, callas, daffodils, irises - all flowers are suitable for making such compositions.

We are sure that each declaration of love or congratulation should be individual, so our studio listens to the wishes of all customers, as well as the opinion and feedback on the work of the store. We are popular due to the regular supply of only fresh flowers and the observance of their storage technologies.