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Bouquet in a Hat Boxes

Thursday, July 8, 2021

From ancient times, the tradition has come to us give flower arrangements to our beloved ones. For them, the reason is not necessary. They like love, attention and care.

To please our loved ones, we order the most unusual compositions from florists. Recently, such a novelty as a bouquet in hat boxes has gained particular popularity. Elegantly packed in an original box for a hat, a flower surprise cannot leave us indifferent to those who are especially dear to us.

From the history of flowers in hat boxes

Hat-boxes floral arrangement by Lavender and Lilacs FloristWhere did this elegant bouquet in hat boxes come from? There is no definite answer to this question. One story is considered as close to reality. It tells about the love relationship of the great playwright Bernard Shaw to the beautiful Stella Campbell. The famous writer presented his beloved with a fragrant box of flowers as a gift. It contained a postcard in which a man expressed his admiration for a talented person. Thus began a 40-year correspondence between the lovers. When the woman died, all the letters from her beloved remained in the hat-box that he had given her at one time.

European florists were the initiators of flower arrangements in hat boxes, while they often supplemented them with sweets. It was from there that such a tradition came to Canada. Original bouquets in hat boxes are presented today to loved ones and outstanding personalities: composers, artists, poets, and writers.

Types and features of flower hat boxes

Hat-boxes floral arrangement by Lavender and Lilacs FloristHat boxes, like the packaging for flowers, are made of thick cardboard. Depending on the shape, the flower packaging can be round; oval; square, or rectangular, in the form of a trapezoid or rhombus, made as a heart, casket or chest.
The product itself is trimmed inside with a unique moisture-resistant material that does not allow liquid to pass through and poses any danger to both the plant and the person. The bottom of the box is covered with a floral sponge soaked in a unique solution. It provides nourishment and moisture to the flowers. The created environment provides for preserving freshness by plants for a reasonably long period (about two weeks).

The growing demand for floral arrangements in hat boxes is due to certain advantages of such gifts.

They are ordered for any occasion. Gifts in such packaging are convenient to carry or transport. The recipient is relieved of the need to look for capacity and storage space. The composition is securely fixed and retains its attractive appearance for a long time.

Recipients of flower bouquets in hat boxes

The variety of designs of such compositions allows you to present a bouquet in a box for any reason. Who can claim such an original gift?

Beloved person

You can truly win the heart of your beloved with the help of an unusual surprise by adding a sweet present, jewelry or soft toy to it.

Colleague or business partner

The stylish version of a bouquet in hat boxes is quite appropriate for business negotiations. With the help of such a composition, a business environment of a certain degree of severity will acquire some relaxedness.

Mom or grandmother

Hat-boxes floral arrangement by Lavender and Lilacs FloristIn this case, a medium-sized box is preferable. Any rhinestones, fanciful designs, or ornaments are completely excluded. Only monochromatic flower plants of calm shades will please relatives.

It is not so important to whom the flower gift is intended. It would be best if you did not miss the opportunity to choose the option in the hat boxes. After all, he does not lack originality and sophistication! The filling can be very different. Lilies and orchids, roses and ranunculus, lilies of the valley and daisies, irises and gerberas, and even wildflowers will help express sincere respect, sympathy, and love for a loved one. Florists today have succeeded in creating the most unusual flower arrangements by placing them in hat boxes.

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