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How Much Are Wedding Bouquets?

Friday, January 11, 2019

How Much Are Wedding Bouquets?Planning a wedding involves a lot of expenses, but wedding bouquets should not be amongst the highest. An average wedding bouquet's price ranges from $100 to $175. Bridal bouquets can cost as low as $60 or as much as $250. The bouquets for the bridal party typically fall somewhere between the $25 and $100 range.
Following are some of the factors that help determine the cost of wedding bouquets.


1. Florist

The more experienced and skilled the florist you choose, the higher the cost. Remember that the florist will factor in the cost of the materials used to design your wedding flower bouquets into the final cost. Moreover, remember to add in the cost of the bouquet transporting to the venue.

2. Bouquet

Bridal bouquet, Boutonniere and corsage, Wedding arch, Hall decoration, Flowers for wedding by Lavender and Lilacs Florist VancouverOf course, the style and size of the wedding bouquet contribute to the overall price. Likewise, the embellishments, such as ribbons, bows, pins, and baby’s breath, will add to the total cost.3. Flowers

The cost of flowers will vary due to various factors, such as the season of the year, climate conditions, and the type of flowers themselves. Seasonal flowers will be lower in cost, as they will not have to be specially ordered and shipped from another location. Exotic or tropical flowers, such as Cala Liles or Birds of Paradise, will cost more than sunflowers and carnations.

Ways to Save Money on Wedding Bouquets

Of course, there are some ways to cut back on the overall cost of wedding bouquets, such as the following:

Don’t go With a Traditional Wedding Bouquet

A lot of brides are opting for non-traditional wedding bouquets, such as lanterns, prayer books, rosary beads, parasols, or ribbon wands. These choices are ideal if the bride herself or another member of the wedding party is allergic to flowers. Besides, it gives you the opportunity to have a fun and unique bouquet for your wedding day.

Go With Seasonal Flowers

As previously stated, you can save money by using seasonal flowers, as they do not have to be specially ordered nor will you have to pay shipping costs. This also ensures that your flowers will be freshly picked. Flowers such as lilacs, lilies and orchids are grown all year, so they will not be as costly as more exotic or out-of-season flowers that will incur additional costs.

Use Flowers With a Big Bloom

Big bloom flowers are not only beautiful and have a dramatic flair, they also take up a lot of room. Therefore, you will need fewer flowers overall for your bouquet, cutting back on the cost.

Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet

You can save a great deal of money by designing your own wedding bouquets. Many of the non-traditional bouquets that were previously mentioned are perfect ideas for DIY bouquets. Alternatively, you can make your own floral bouquets for a fraction of the cost if you purchase flowers from a local vendor, such as a farmer’s market or floral show or even wholesale as opposed to hiring a florist.

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