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Jane and Ruslan Wedding

White-Green Classic Style for Jane and Ruslan

The wedding of Ruslan and Jane happened in July, 2014. That gorgeous couple turned out to be very cheer and friendly as well. They had chosen a classic style in white and green colours with addition of lace and pearls. We decided to soften everything a little bit by throwing in some bronze and ocher.

For the bride’s bouquet and therefore for the broom’s boutonniere, we suggested two types of Cymbidium hybrid – orchids. An orchid is an expensive, glamorous and even luxurious flower, symbolizing beauty, love, and marital happiness. The framework of the bouquet is handmade from Leucadendron, filled with white Freesia, green Carnation, and decorated with pearls of different sizes.

The gorgeous snow-white Phalaenopsis – orchids, white Lilies, white Freesia, a touch of white Carnations, and greenish-white Tulips were used to decorate the wedding hall. With addition of rich green apples as a symbol of a new family being born.The result was a minimalistic in colours, yet glamorous in forms and expression, floral pageantry.

The groom took part in decorating the car. A big heart was made out of 50 beautiful red Roses.

The bouquet from the groom’s parents is made out of 40 very nice large-headed Roses in a ruby red shade. This is a small and lovely bouquet from the favorite niece.In decoration the bride’s hair, individual flowers of white Freesia were used. Doves, as a symbol for loyalty and family, were freed into the sky. 

The cushion for rings was decorated with white and green button Mums, with addition of lace tape. Candles are a symbol of warmth and comfort in a house; that is why Jane asked to include them into the decorations.