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Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Wedding Arch

Why do people choose our Wedding Arches?

A wedding is a special day in a life of a loving couple. Two beloveds make an important decision: to unite their hearts and follow one direction in life. That’s why it’s so significant for every couple that this day would be special, and unforgettable, and evoke a tempest of enthusiastic emotions in guests’ hearts. Every detail is important while getting ready for the wedding ceremony, especially the décor (wedding arches, centrepieces, head table and etc). Therefore, the theme and color choice is of great importance.


The floral wedding arch is a central décor element.

That is the arch under which loving hearts give vows to each other and become a family. Stares of all guests will be riveted on the arch and two happy beloveds. For this reason, the choice of a flower arch for a wedding ceremony plays a big role. Fresh flowers for wedding arches decorations have wide popularity among married couples. They embody tenderness, beauty, and love.

We will help you fulfill your wishes!

Our flower shop is the place where the most cherished dreams come true! We will help you create a true fairy-tale-like celebration, that your guests and you will remember for many years. Our creative florists are ready to listen to all your wishes concerning the wedding theme. We will offer all possible variants of wedding arches with flowers and take into consideration your ideas. Our designers are always open to experiment and ready to fulfill any requests!

Lavender & Lilacs Florist has been realizing the wishes of married couples for many years and so we have many ideas to offer! Do not hesitate to call us right now!

You won’t regret choosing Lavender & Lilacs

You can order arches with flowers for the wedding of your dreams with our florists! Couples choose us thanks to important advantages, which you will also appreciate:

  • An excellent range of concepts and different color spectra for arch flowers. You can choose one of the finished designs or offer your own. We will bring your ideas to life without fail and propose successful options taking into account your preferences and wishes.
  • To create and decorate a flower wedding arch, we always use only fresh flowers from local and import producers. We will suggest which flowers to choose in accordance with place, season, and budget.
  • We offer a free consultation where you can discuss with a designer in detail which wedding flower arch will go for your celebration. We also offer affordable prices for our services.

Wedding Arches Services

We will provide you with a full complex of services on decorating flower arches for weddings: rent of a frame, delivery, installation, and picking it up after the wedding.

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