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Lavender and Lilacs Florist

In September of 2005 a small flower shop “Lavender and Lilacs Florist” opened its doors in the heart of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia . Three years later we have become one of downtown Vancouver’s most hidden treasures.

This exquisite flower shop will not only exceed the expectations of the most sophisticated flower shoppers, but it will also inspire, soothe, invigorate, and calm its visitors.

Today we are delighted to present our company as two independent locations: “Lavender and Lilacs Florist” Downtown Vancouver and “Posy Floral Design” Lynn Valley Village in North Vancouver. Catering to both corporate and individuals, we create breathtaking floral pieces with the focus on quality, artistry, and exceptional customer service.
Our charming team of talented florists and designers have worked a long time in the floral design field. We work individually with each client and try to offer something special, creative, and suitable for your wishes and opportunities.

As of 2014 the company has transitioned its operations to run under new management, which fuses both European and North American views on floral design and artistry.

Our new CEO, Elena holds a master's degree in landscape design, florist art, and art of Ikebana. She has worked as a landscape and floral designer in Russia and France; participated in numerous exhibitions for the masters of the Japanese school of the Ikebana Sogetsu and an International competition of landscape art and design in Moscow. She brings fresh and new perspectives on floral design, as she elegantly incorporates her vision into all her creations.

Now, we are a full-service florist company, offering floral solutions and decorations for all occasions including birthdays, weddings, parties, and funerals, as well as high-end floral service for residential and office premises. You can order classic flower bouquets, unique fresh flower compositions, houseplants, and great gift ideas with delivery straight to your door. We are an official member of the International Floral Network and will be happy to help you to send a floral order or a gift basket anywhere in the world.

You can also order all of the above for your friends and relatives in other cities in the world through our website
We are looking forward to working with you!

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